SoulFace Apparel: Spring Line

As you may have heard via social media (or a text from my mom), I have had the awesome opportunity to develop a startup company called SoulFace Apparel. This company creates incredibly comfy and breathable athletic & casual wear made of recycled plastic! Every SoulFace tee is equivalent to 16 plastic bottles. Our mission is to raise awareness of the growing plastic waste, which destroys ecosystems and marine life in our heavily polluted oceans. In addition to being made of recycled plastic, SoulFace places great value in supporting conservation efforts by pledging to donate 10% of proceeds to environmental & oceanic causes.  (more info on

We’ve been featured in articles written by the Daily Bruin and Study Breaks and hope to continue to spread our message! ~Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube~

Of latest development: We’re preparing our new Spring 2018 line!!! SoulFace Original Prints:  The designs have not yet been released, so stay tuned! <3

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New Dance Floor Petition

Hi everyone! My friends and I have started this petition to gather support for the installation of new, sprung dance floors at our school. We feel that the current flooring is a safety hazard and has caused a track record of both minor and major injuries. Please sign the petition to help us improve the dance facilities at PVHS!

UPDATE: 3/24/17

We are SO CLOSE to reaching our $60,000 goal! With $15,000 to raise in donations, we plan to break ground by Summer 2017! Please help us raise these funds by April 14th! Thank you for supporting PVHS!


UPDATE: 6/16/17

Dancing on the newly installed flooring in PVHS’s Lower Dance Room.

Both the Upper and Lower Dance Rooms gained new sprung flooring by summer 2017.

Summer 2016

Wow! I can’t believe today is the last day of summer…

Looking back at all that I did for the last few months, I feel so blessed with opportunity. From start to end, I kept busy and productive throughout this past summer and I’m excited for my last year of high school to begin!

In addition to my first national dance competition, cleaning my entire room (+clothing, costumes, and books donations), vacationing in the Bahamas, going on college visits, updating my Youtube channel, working Assisteens garage sales and attending fashion show rehearsals,  dancing at Choreo Camp, and participating as a Link Crew leader, I’ve finally made time for the last item on my list…

starting my website!!! 

I’ve put off designing and actually using my website since freshman year and now that I’m a senior, I figured it’s about time.

Ultimately, this website is simply a means to share some of my experiences and interests. hope you enjoy!IMG_5491 IMG_4782 IMG_5742 IMG_4528 IMG_7038      Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 5.38.17 PM